Sunday, February 27, 2011

Like Clay in Our Hands

     What more are we than God's glorious creation? Being created in his image, we are like our Father in heaven. We are creators too. We change our world and our surroundings according to our desires. We tear down and we build up. Whatever we think of we do. From the depths of our mind we change our world. Like clay in our hands we build our world as we see fit.
     Darkness and light there is a mixture of it in everyone. It swirls around inside our heads and twists and turns inside our souls. Like painters we paint our world from that which is inside us whether or not it is the sorrows of darkness or the joy of the light. We paint our world that image from within.
     Our children are fed or they are starved by our own hands. They cry out in fear or they laugh with happiness by what we do. We can build a happy home or a house of sorrow. We can choose to paint the world around us with our pain or with our love. Whatever we are giving out is what we will have. It is written whatever we sow is what we will reap and so shall it be.
     If we speak and do things differently our world will change but if we do the same things over again it will remain the same. What do we really want for ourselves but a better life in a better world? It can happen if we form it with our own hands. If it is to dark, we can bring to it more light. It is up to each of us to place our hands upon the clay and form our world into a place in which we like to live.
     Many people support this existing world designed not by them but by others. A world which brings them pain, sorrow, sadness and despair. What is preventing them from taking up the clay themselves and designing a
new world? Out of their mouth righteousness could be spoken and by their hands goodness could be spread. Change could take place if they would only try. From within we could build a garden that would make everyone happy. Like clay in our hands a new world could be born.

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