Friday, December 24, 2010

Where is the True Church of God?

     I have looked at many different denominations and many believe they to be the true church of God. I have tried in vein to find a church filled with wise men, apostles, angelic beings or just perfect men and women. In my labor I only found ordinary people like me. Where then is the true church of God?
     I prayed to God to show me his church. It seem to me that God kept silent however in this silence an answer was coming through. My eyes began to see and my mind began to understand. The true church of God was made up of ordinary people like me. They are imperfect and have problems too. They try their best to find the right way to go and no matter how many years of worship they still need help once in awhile. We all far short of the glory of the Lord and ever so often need his help and mercy.
     I believe those in the true church of God are lovers of righteousness. They are loyal to their God. These are the children of God who are obeying his voice and doing his will. I know they reflect his ways in everything that they do.
     Who are in the true church of God? All those believing in the name of Jesus Christ and are showing God's love to one another. They are the ones who God has chosen by his mercy to enter into his kingdom. They are the ones who loves their God more than themselves. They are the ones who are true to his word. The ones who will be included in God's church are the ones with a whole lot of love within their hearts and the willingness to do the work of the Lord.
     You see the true church of God is not a place. It is a world wide church consisting of many loyal followers. Even within the church where we are now going, there will be ones chosen by him and ones who will be rejected by him. God will judge our hearts and not by the place where we are in.
     Our love is what separates us from others. Our love originated from our God. It is the kind of love that Jesus Christ carried with him upon the cross. The love within our hearts identifies us as God's children. Those who have the love of God inside them make up his church.
     Where are these people of God's church? Look around you. Look around in your community. You will know them when you listen to them. Study God's word the Bible and it will tell you more about them. These people of God are a blessing to the human race. Gentle in their ways. Loving in their hearts and powerful in spirit. These are God's children of paradise and the true church of God.  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Highest Order of Work that I Could Ever Do

     What are we doing with our lives? What are we accomplishing for ourselves and our world? Many hours I have spent working only for money, only for pay. Nothing in our world never changed as I worked. The time I spent was only for my material wants and needs. This kind of work will continue until I die. Is there not more for me to do than only to work so to survive?
     There was something that my eyes could not see but my mind was comprehending. A veil was lifting and I could see the true work before me. It is a work of the highest order. It is the best and the most meaningful work that I could ever do. It is a work that is second to none and most ignored.
     The highest order of work is the building up the human heart and the human mind. It is making the people of our world into the image of Christ, heirs to his kingdom and brothers and sisters unto our Lord. Yes the work is to reclaim our entire world and cleansing it in the Lord's spirit and bathing it in his love.
     To many times I have ignored this great work of change. I got so lost in my everyday activities. I had little time to do anything else. I saw my world rioting away and I did not know what to do. A darkness lied around me and there was only a little light shining through. My eyes were getting to accustom to the dark but deep within, my soul felt sick. My mind and my heart knew there was much more to life than this. Like a sleeping man I was waking up from my slumber.
      I thought to myself what if men and women were more like the angels of heaven and treating each other with love and kindness. Is it beyond our capabilities? I said to myself, No. No it is not. People can be different than what they are. Generation after generation does not have to pass down to each other the worst of themselves but their best. It is within our abilities to show compassion to one another. Nothing is impossible if we do not let our minds think it is so.
     The highest order of work is changing ourselves and thus changing our world around us. Nothing you could do in your lifetime could be any greater than this. One step towards heaven is one step towards a life in paradise. It is a step towards a new world and a new place to be.
     Men and women awake to that light within you and open your eyes to that new world that could be around you. Dream the best dream and live as though it could be true. Never give it up for it could be possible. Do the work then live that dream.
     Our greatest work is our greatest hope for our world, united we would be in peace and in love. Making our world into heaven what more could you dream of, what more could you want? We would have nothing to fear again and nothing to feel sorry about. Our home would be a place of peace and a place of rejoicing. The spirit of God would be close to us all the time.
     Beautiful souls with a spirit like an angel. Our world would be blessed. What is keeping us from having this glorious future? The answer I believe is each of us. Our voices sound not like angels but like serpents. Our hands are not open to welcome a brother but closed around a rock. Our hearts are not filled with love but with anger and conflict. What is preventing us from having heaven? Ourselves.
     The work, the work why is it not being done more? What have we found to be better?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Never Does a Dime Equal a Dollar

     I am given a dime and the world expects back a dollar. I have grown to be in debt because dimes I have but dollars I am lacking. Ten dimes to a dollar you may say but I cannot compensate when every dime is equal to a dollar of debt.
     Why do they only give me a dimes worth and they charge me a dollar? It is so unfair.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Love, Because You Can

     Love without expectations. Just love because you can. Love is without fear. Love is about taking risks. Love is not about fear of failing. It is about doing what is right. Love is an expression of our spirit and it is apart of us.
     To not to love is like not using your legs or hands. It is like not using apart of you. We may get around in life without using our hands or legs but not very good. It is the same with our love. We can live our life without giving or receiving love but our life will never be quite complete. To live our life as it was meant to be, we have to use everything that God has given us including our love.
     So love, because it is apart of you and love, just because you can.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Spirit, Freedom from Law

     There are laws for the flesh. Those who live by flesh need laws but those living by the spirit no longer need laws. If I walk by flesh then I need laws for my own sake for without law how would I know right from wrong. Break the law and be punished or live within the law and be free. If I live within the law I should be safe and those around me likewise. The law governs and protects our flesh.
     There are many different governments and many different laws, laws that are created by imperfect men. If the men are crooked then we will have crooked laws. If  they are in just then we will have injustice. Where ever their mind and their heart leads them is the way that they will go. If we live by the flesh then our flesh will lead our way.
     According to Galations 5:22,23 "the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness and self control. Against such things there is no law." If we walk by the spirit the law of the flesh will become obsolete. For who will be doing the crime and from where will the grievances come? The law will not be needed if all of us live by the spirit and not by the flesh. There are no laws against love, joy, peace, kindness and goodness. The spirit is truly free from law. Those who walk by spirit are free from the laws that are upon the flesh for there are no restrictions at all on the ways of the spirit. Freedom from law is living by the spirit.
     Jesus Christ long ago told us to walk according to the spirit and not by the flesh. Those of us who really know about life knows his words are true. In the kingdom that he has promised us the courts will stand empty. Our flesh will be ruled by the spirit bring to an end the laws ruling over the flesh. Fairness will be a common practice ruling out the need for justice. People will give freely from their hearts creating an abundance for all. By the love of God and by the love out of our on hearts a perfect world will be born. A world that no longer needs law.
     Today people are still closing their hearts to the spirit and clinging tightly to passions and desires of the their flesh. Laws are still needed for the spirit has yet to take complete control. When will people ever learn that God's way is the superior way to live? It is a way for us to grow beyond the condition that we are in. It is a way to freedom over our flesh. In the end the world without law will be the perfect world of God's spirit.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finding Happiness

Happy is the man who has found friends who understands him.
Happy is a man who has found a wife to love.
Happy is he who has found a job which satisfies his soul.
Happy is the one who has found their place and
their purpose upon the this Earth.
Happiness is having the knowledge, the opportunity, the health and
the resources to be what you were meant to be.

Friday, December 10, 2010

An Angel, A King, Among Us

     He is a realist. One who can see beyond the deceit. The one who can see within the soul. A caring sort of person. An avoider of violence. A sacrificer of his own needs. He has deep concern for his future and that of others. Within his soul lies much compassion, justice, truth and love.
     The purpose for his life is to seek the basic truth. The truth is always a main concern in his life. His plans are made carefully and with tact if including others.
     A seeker of peace and of rest for his soul and spirit. A giver of wisdom and also a taker with an open mind. A constant pursuer of knowledge of all things. He has an understanding for spiritual detail of his own mind and that of others. He gives his opinion to those that want to listen but never forces his ideas on others.
     A lover of beauty where ever it may be, in the soul, in the Earth or in the heavens. He is color blind to the races and treats others as equals. He is a friend to anyone that wants him. He listens and understands about deep felt problems of others. He searches the long road to find the answers and night and day he searches.
     He is alone within himself and an alien to many people. A very complex person but yet seems to be very simple in his thinking. He never gives up but stumbles every so often. If he does fall, he will get back up and begin again. He may not be rich, popular or famous but he is content and at peace with himself and the world. There is no way out for him. He is what he is, a person seeking a way towards perfection of body, mind and spirit.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

God's Gift Within

     I cannot equal this gift from God. His gift is perfect, where as I am an imperfect being. I can only try to express it perfectly knowing full well I will come up short every time. Then why try? It is apart of the perfection of God and God has given me a way so to reach for it.
     What God has given me he will not take back. It is mine as long as I shall live. What I choose to do with this gift it is up to me. I can choose to never to use it. I can choose to hide it away. I can use it in a negative manner or a positive one. God has made it clear it is totally up to me, the way I use his gift.
     Everyone of us I believe has a special gift from God. A gift hidden away inside our selfs. Some may know what theirs is while others are still searching for it. Some may think that their gift is not so special or not important at all but it is important. When all of our gifts are laid out upon our world it will reflect heaven. The spirit of God will flow from us over the face of the Earth, changing our lives forever.
     Do not be believing that you do not have a gift from God that he has somehow forgotten about you. All you have to do is to look inside your heart and see that it is there. Do not be thinking that your gift is less. Do not ignore or throw away what God has given you. Honor your God by honoring that which he has given you.
     If you believe he has only given you a little, then cherish that little for it is his precious gift to you. If he see you respecting him with only a little will he not see fit to give you even more. Some of us has gifts which shine forth instantly while others have to cultivate theirs.
     Our God has a design do not be questioning our master's plan. Step up and take a active part in it because he has not left you out. God's spirit is with you and is within you. His spirit is so great. It can work miracles for you and even by you. Your gift within can help to bring our world closer to our God. Do what you can and rejoice in the things that you can do for him, for his gifts are a blessing to all of us.  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Revelation of the Highest Truth

     We are loved. We are always loved. We were made in the image of God and God is love. Even in darkest hour where we feel that we cannot go on we are still loved because we cannot be any less that what God has made us.
     Some may not understand or grasp this highest truth about who we are because of the lies that people spread. We are told that we are less and that we do not measure up. Our skin color maybe different and we are judged by the body that we have. Our words, our mind and all that we have may not be up to somebodies standards. We are made to feel defeated by the lie that we are less.
     I am greater than less. This I know is true. The real truth does not lie in how people make me feel but in what I believe is true. If I believe myself to be less then I become what I believe. If I was made in the image of God how can I be less than that image? Only if I let myself to believe in something different than what I am.
     Unconditional love I can give to myself and no one can take that from me. It is mine to have always. We were born with our spirits to be free and I am starting to realize that freedom is not to faraway. Returning to that innocence is just one belief away. I believe that by not letting the world control my image. I will gain control for myself. Control in being who I want to be and not as others would like me to be.
     I believe if I am in tune with myself, the peace and the calmness of the soul will be mine. I can sense within me that place of peace however I can also sense a whirling storm within my mind. I yearn for peace but the storm keeps it away. What is that storm? It is all the negativity that I allowed in over the many years of my life. It has become a barrier separating me from my true self.
     In my revelation of the highest truth there in my mind was a picture of me just being me. A picture of what I could be if I just embraced that I was made in the image of God. I realize that each of us is precious and valuable to our world as our selfs. I found that if I were to respect that image of God within me, I needed to respect that image in that of others. I believe the truth is, love is just a belief away in our selfs and a belief in the beauty of our own spirit.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Music from Heaven

     I have often felt that the word of God and his love was like music from heaven. It is pure without deceit. Music itself cannot lie, it is what it is. It is a pure vibration that moves the soul and that purity is so enticing. I want not just to listen to it but to become apart of it, to be a note in heavens symphony.
     At times I feel the music is far from me. Then at other times I feel I am standing within it's flow. For some reason I cannot hold on to it. My spirit is uplifted when it touches me. I am made happy by it's song but when it is only slightly felt I feel sad. I believe heaven's music is energy for the spirit. We can feel it in someway. It's sound can change our heart and soul.
    One of the worst things that could happen to me is when I can no longer feel the music. When the music becomes silent within my soul. An emptiness that I could not even imagine would be created within me. I would experience a void without depth. My heart would grow cold. I would live life without meaning or purpose. My sight would become narrow and my feelings would turn inward. I would live my life only for myself. However thanks to God that has never been the case. The music from heaven has never been to far off. It is always been within my grasp. A prayer to God has always brought it closer to me.
     I live for the sound of the music. If it were to die I would die as well. My spirit cannot live without it. It's tone is pure and it makes my heart rejoice. The music of heaven gives life to my soul. It melts away the pain inside and it takes away the cold. You never feel alone when the music of heaven is within you. It fills you up with joy and it completes your soul.
     The music of God's word and love is whole and complete. It touches the deepest depth and the highest elevation. From one end of the universe to the other there is the sound of heaven's music. All life exists because of it's sound. I believe at the core of my being the vibration is keeping me alive. The more of heaven music we have within our world the more together will be, together as one family and one people. The sound of God's word would bind us together and the music of his love would keep us together.
     Even if many are not listening for the sweet music of heaven, I am. My ears are constantly listening and my heart is open so to feel it. I want to be apart of it but if I cannot be apart of it. I will express that heavenly music in someway, by speech, by song, by art or by writing. I will bring as much as I can into our world so to make the music of our God to be heard in every corner of the world. I want to see and to hear our Earth resonate the music of our God. I want to see everyone happy and singing praises to him. We owe him so much and he has done so much for us. May the music of his word and his love always be with you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Thorny Twisted Vine

     In the beginning there was a beautiful garden. The garden provided everything one could ever need. The only thing that was needed was someone to take care of it, to cultivate it and make it grow. The work and time you spent in the garden it would give back many times more. The garden was perfect in every way.
     In the corner of the garden where there was very little light stood a lone thorny twisted vine. It look as if it was dead. It had no leafs just thorns. The vine done something so very special, it produced the most beautiful fruit in the garden. If you were to look upon it you would desire it immediately. It would take a strong will to resist having the fruit. The fruit upon the thorny twisted vine was always forbidden to eat. Even getting near or even touching the vine was discourage. There was a rule that the vine had to be left alone.
     A day came when someone in the garden could not resist having the fruit. The desire to eat the fruit was greater than the desire to obey the law. He reach out for the fruit upon the thorny twisted vine. The thorns that covered the vine prick his skin as he was reaching for the fruit. His skin being pricked by the thorns produced a little blood. The blood ran down the thorns and to the shaft of the vine where it was absorbed by the plant. He also experienced some pain from the prick of the thorns.
     His pain was felt by the plant itself. His pain seem to awaken that tiny vine and his blood seem to make it grow. He continued to tear the fruit from the vine and proceeded to eat it. When he ate the fruit it was like nothing he had ever tasted before. It was wonderful and very sweet tasting. He wonder why he was forbidden to eat it? It was very good tasting and it caused him no harm. He took no notice of the growth of the plant and the growth of the darkness surrounding the plant.
     He hurriedly went out to tell others about the delicious tasting fruit. The fruit was on his mind constantly. The fruit never made him feel full but left him wanting more of it. He convinced others to partake of the fruit upon the thorny twisted vine and those who ate the fruit convinced others as well.
     The vine grew and spread throughout the garden. The blood and pain of those who took the fruit gave it the nourishment it needed to grow. The darkness that followed the plant block out the light causing the other vegetation to die out. The darkness made the land barren. A perfect condition to which the thorny twisted vine could thrive.
     People's minds became fixated on having the fruit that the thorny twisted vine produced. They were no longer working in the garden beneath the light of the day. They were attending to their desire of having the fruit and happily eating it in the dark.
    The vine continued to grow and people continue to eat and only a few care much for the garden. Many who ate of the fruit of the thorny twisted vine was never satisfied. The garden which filled and satisfied many was now growing smaller. The light which shined brightly allover the land was growing dimmer. There were people who went out of the garden saying, "We no longer need it. The vine will provide all that we need."
    A generation has grown living only upon the fruit of the thorny twisted vine. There eyes have grown accustom to the dark, to them the garden is only a story that people tell. They have no desire to work in the garden but only to attain as much fruit as they can. Their thoughts are upon the thorny vine and it's fruit.
    Even though much of the garden has been taken over by the thorny twisted vine, there is still a little left. The garden and the vine seem to have switched places. Where in the beginning the vine was in a small corner of the garden. The garden is now sitting in a small corner of a vine filled dark barren land. The light which followed the garden has been ignored as well. However there is still a few who tend the garden and live in the light. They spend their time working to make it grow.
    The vine needs very little cultivating. It is cultivated by people's wants, desires and addictions. The garden needs the careful attention of others. It takes more time for things to grow in the garden, however it is well worth it.
    The garden bring fullness and satisfaction. It brings peace and light. The vine only brings want and more want. It's thorns brings pain and it's fruit brings emptiness. Those who are growing tired of the thorny twisted vine are slowly moving back into the garden and into the light. In time many will come and the garden will be spread throughout the land. The thorny twisted vine will be stuck back into it's corner and maybe there it will be forgotten forever.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Follow the Leader

     Follow the leader many are doing. Someone takes the lead then others follow. A game that is played through the centuries. A game that is sustained and played even today.
     Follow the leader a wall is built throughout time. A large wall built by the many generations. Each adding to the structure. Each carrying it on, to the next.
     I look at the pages that are being written and each is the same as the other. A page that is handed down from father to son, from mother to daughter. A page instructing us on how to follow.
     Who is in error? That is a hard question to answer, when all of our hands are holding a brick to add upon a wall. A wall that most of us do not even question. We just do as we are told. It is follow the leader a game we play from birth.
     Am I wrong? I asked myself as I look at my brick in my hand. Do I want to add to this wall? A wall that I have no control over it's direction. Where is it going and when did it begin? Questions I have never really asked myself. I just went along following after others building up a wall just because it was there.
     No more, No more following a leader that I do not even know. No more working upon a structure without a reason why?
     It is strange though to stop while others keep on working. I am no longer a part of the game. I have become a spectator, an outsider to that large group that is playing. It is strange to be awake while others are still walking around in their sleep. I can feel the loneliness of being separate but I cannot return to my slumber. What now, I do not really know but no more of just following the leader.