Wednesday, June 8, 2011

God does Care

     How many people curse God for their misfortunes but God is not responsible for our condition. Our first parents disobeyed God and we have struggled ever since. Lot of the blame rests upon the unforeseen occurrences that happen within our lives, some were by accident and some were caused by others. Accidents will continue to happen and people will continue to hurt one another but I am thankful for God for still remaining with us and helping us to cope with our problems.
     Some believe God has forgotten about them or he is not listening to them but God knows them and he does listen to our prayers. The trouble starts when we think how God should answer us. How he should solve our problems and when he does not do as we expect him to we become disillusion or disappointed in him. We think that he does not care but how many of us knows exactly how things work in heaven? We try to bring God down to our level of understanding and think within our mind how God being like us should behave. God instead behaves like himself the God of all creation. He see things differently than we do. He does things differently than we do them. We cannot judge God as we judge ourselves. God is above our understanding and our judgement.
     I to have thought God is slow at acting on some matters and that he should be doing this or that. I even had doubts that he was even listening. I had anger for God that he was not helping people enough. Upon my little spot upon the world I thought I was seeing everything that god was doing however my eyes was not beholding his invisible active spirit. I cannot see how his spirit is working upon every heart. I cannot see beyond where I stand. When trying to understand God, I have to see with my heart and to believe by faith and not by sight. The spirit of God is very active even though I cannot comprehend or see what it is doing. I still believe in God and his power to make things right.
     Some people will fall away because they have lost their faith and do not believe in God anymore. Our world is hard on us but God is not. He put the human race in a paradise in the beginning and he has plans for our return someday. He is not wanting us to suffer. He wants us to be happy and well. The hardship that we are facing is by being on the outside of paradise. When Jesus Christ returns he will restore our world back into a paradise. God does not want us to be harmed. He wants us all to live in this new world that he is giving to us. A world of peace, prosperity and love.
     Forgive me God for not understanding you. Forgive me of not really knowing you. The world has blinded my eyes and caused me to have doubts. I do believe in you my Lord and God. My soul awaits your arrival. Lord forgive me of my impatience for there are many who are suffering upon our world and I want that suffering to end. I have become tired of the world and it's ways. I want a new world the world that you have promised us, a world bathed in your light and love. Lord continue to have mercy upon me and let my relief come soon. The night has grown darker and many are becoming lost. Lord grant me the strength to carry on.
     Even though I have grown tired I will push onward towards that new day in your kingdom. I will keep my faith and my hope strong in you. Lord I will wait on you and hope that others will to. Even though our world may want me to do otherwise, I will hold on tight to my belief in you. Lord continue to shine you light down upon us so that our eyes will be more open to your ways. In Jesus Christ name I pray. Amen.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Reaching for My Highest Goal

     In truth I am not where I want to be. I have not accomplish my highest goal. The goal of being upon the highest step of the ladder of my spiritual maturity. The goal of being the closest that I can get to God while I am still upon this Earth. The goal of being in a sea of God's love every moment of my life and being just like Christ a reflection of that love. I am lagging so far behind in reaching my goal. I have my doubts whether or not I will ever accomplish it.
     I have walked down a long road in life but there is still much road left to walk down. I have almost given up but I keep on drudging on through life. Maybe God is helping me with a push every so often. I pray to God to keep on giving me the needed strength.
     I must keep in mind this one important fact that we are children of God. We are loved by him and cherished by him. Our society may demean us but our God holds us up in high regard. Jesus Christ valued me enough to die for me. He show me by his compassion that I deserved life. Jesus Christ gave me his love and a hope for my future. I am still valued and loved in the eyes of God.
     I have so much still to learn and so much way to go. I still have doubts in reaching my goal but with God's continuing help I can cross that finish line of my maturity and receive my victory. With God's belief in me it will only take my belief in myself to work pass my problems. I have to believe that I am worthy of God's love. I have to believe I am a valuable person.
     Who will I believe God or man? My answer is God above all others. He speaks the truth where others will tell me lies. I need to live with the real truth and not a man made version of it. God is the real truth. Jesus Christ said that he is the way, the truth and the life. I do believe him. With God on my side, I am always a winner.
     With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will not only walk down the road in life, I will run down it. With God's love I will endure. I will reach the end of my goal by climbing to the top of the ladder of my spiritual maturity and claim a victory that will last forever.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Echoes Through the Ages

     When God spoke the words of creation. Those words created the blue skies above and the land beneath our feet. His words created the oceans and the fish within.
     God used his words to create a man and a woman and we are like an echo from those first words. A first word was used to make a species and then the rest follows after like an echo throughout time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Folly

     My narrow views are my folly. My wants and desires are my folly. Misinterpretations, anger, confusions and hatred are a product of my ego's own error.
     My ego has ruled my body. It has over shadowed my true desires and that error has kept me away from a greater understanding. It keeps me from discovering my own true self.
     I once had an experience of my ego separating from my spirit. I could see clearly how my wrong attitude or understanding of past situations colored my present decisions. The spirit is pure but the ego is tainted by sin and can be influenced easily. What seem like the right course at the time was not the true spiritual way that was required. My ego over shadowed my judgement.
     My ego created a rift between my inner spirit and my outer self. A barrier between me and God. My folly continues even today. Misinterpreting the information that I get from this world, placing it on the negative side rather on the positive. Avoiding society rather than getting involved. Getting out of life what I put in to it, not much at all.
     I believe the greatest predicament that Adam and Eve faced was not the expulsion from paradise but having their right to choose. God believes in us to make the right decisions and he does so even today. By our right to choose we learn to be responsible for our decisions. Our choices becomes a measurement of our spiritual development. It would be easy to go about as a marionette having God to do all of our living for us. However we are individuals with the ability to choose and choose we must, living with the consequences of our choices.
     Christ conferred with God before making any major decisions. He diminished his ego. He increased his connection to God everyday. Seeing Jesus Christ was like seeing God. He did not lose himself but found himself. The golden light from God shown brightly upon him. Like Christ, I to needed to make the effort to reach for God's helping hand. If I never looked to God, how will my spirit ever grow? I cannot settle for less are I will become less within myself. We are individuals but we are not divided from our source of life. We are more than we think we are. We are more than we show ourselves and to others.
     The ego is like an unruly child that must be discipline. It must be brought before the Father regularly for instruction. This is necessary in order for the ego to grow into a mature responsible adult. It will reflect the light from which the instruction came. Without this meeting it will never grow. It will be like a child that is confused, angry, always wanting and starved for spiritual food. The ego will be searching for it's meaning and purpose. It will feel separated and unloved. It will feel forgotten as if no one cares.
     We as a society neglect our spiritual development. We are not just flesh and blood but born from spirit and depart in spirit. The spirit of God that is within you must be feed regularly. God's spirit is apart of us. It is the best part of us. We cannot ignore it.
     Walk with God and become his children as Christ instructed us to do. Then there will be no more darkness and confusion. The golden light of God's knowledge and wisdom will lessen our folly and bring peace and harmony to our souls, our egos and our spirit.