Monday, May 30, 2011

A Pep Talk to Myself

     I will open my heart to love and my soul to take hold on life. I will live as a person should live, everyday to the fullest of my being. I will let the darkness leave and the sorrow to go away. My mind will not dwell on the things that I cannot do but on the things that I can. I will push onward and forward even if many others are still standing still. They will have to catch up with me instead of me catching up with them. Today is a new day, a day of inner and outward building of my new life.
     I refuse to die upon this world knowing only sadness. I will seek out happiness and come to know love. The darkness will not win but the light of a new day will. Even though I feel I am crumbling down inside it is still possible for me to be built back up again.
     I am still a believer in God. I believe he can do miracles. If God so wills it, it will be done. My life is not over yet. I have still so much living to do. So world watch out, I have only just begun. I have so far live my life only in the shadows, only in the darkness where no one could see me but now I am stepping out into the sun. I am taking hold on to life and embracing God with my whole soul. I am bring his power, his love into my life.
     I will be no longer content at setting on the sidelines and watching my life pass me by. I am stepping into that stream of life and becoming apart of it. By the will of God I will learn to live my life to the fullest. My spirit will be on high and I will be happy and I will have found the love that I had been looking for.
     I will not be following others into hell but I will be following the Lord into everlasting life. I will try to see the world as he sees it and to live my life as he would. I believe Jesus Christ is the key to my new beginning. A key that will open many new doors to my future.
     God, help me on my life's journey. Help me to find the way. Let me not shrink back to where I was but to move ahead to where I can be. Help me to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead. Energize my spirit and strengthen my soul, for a new day is beginning. My new start to a wonderful life. In Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen.  


Sunday, May 29, 2011

By Being Happy

     If someone is happy you can be sure that their happiness will not be hidden. A person who is sad will sometimes pretend to be happy. It is very rare to find a happy person pretending to be sad.
     In sadness there is a need but with happiness there is giving. With sadness you are looking for something but with happiness you are looking to give something. Happiness brings a abundance feeling to your life where as sadness makes you feel deficient in someway.
     You view your world differently when you are happy then when you are sad. A dark world you see in your sadness but when you are happy the world looks so much brighter. When you are sad it is hard to do work and life feels rough. When you are happy you can work much easier and life feels good to you.
     I believe the answer to most of our own problems is finding our own happiness. In being happy we are bring something positive to our world. Happiness is an important part to our well being. From our own abundance within, others can benefit. Happiness can bring selflessness back into our world. By being happy our hearts will be more open and our lives will change for the better.