Sunday, February 27, 2011

Like Clay in Our Hands

     What more are we than God's glorious creation? Being created in his image, we are like our Father in heaven. We are creators too. We change our world and our surroundings according to our desires. We tear down and we build up. Whatever we think of we do. From the depths of our mind we change our world. Like clay in our hands we build our world as we see fit.
     Darkness and light there is a mixture of it in everyone. It swirls around inside our heads and twists and turns inside our souls. Like painters we paint our world from that which is inside us whether or not it is the sorrows of darkness or the joy of the light. We paint our world that image from within.
     Our children are fed or they are starved by our own hands. They cry out in fear or they laugh with happiness by what we do. We can build a happy home or a house of sorrow. We can choose to paint the world around us with our pain or with our love. Whatever we are giving out is what we will have. It is written whatever we sow is what we will reap and so shall it be.
     If we speak and do things differently our world will change but if we do the same things over again it will remain the same. What do we really want for ourselves but a better life in a better world? It can happen if we form it with our own hands. If it is to dark, we can bring to it more light. It is up to each of us to place our hands upon the clay and form our world into a place in which we like to live.
     Many people support this existing world designed not by them but by others. A world which brings them pain, sorrow, sadness and despair. What is preventing them from taking up the clay themselves and designing a
new world? Out of their mouth righteousness could be spoken and by their hands goodness could be spread. Change could take place if they would only try. From within we could build a garden that would make everyone happy. Like clay in our hands a new world could be born.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who is the Better?

     Who is the better? It is not I. I am not better than anyone of you. Jesus Christ die for all of us and he loves all of us in a very special way. So I am not walking upon this world higher than you. We are equally loved by God.
     I find it very frustrating when others find me intimidating because I am a Christian. They believe I sit in judgement against them. I judge no one. God judges all. I am not God. I live my life to please God and if others do not, it is their choice. I do not force my beliefs on anyone.
     If anyone is the better it is God and his son Jesus Christ. Through their mercy I was saved. They have forgiven me of my sins. I am no greater than anyone else. Their love and forgiveness is there for everyone. God does not favor me over another.
     I do not put on airs around anyone. There is so much suffering in our world I do not wish to add to it. As a Christian I have found some relief to my own suffering in God's word and in the love of Jesus Christ. In my heart I hold tight to those words and his love. I love righteousness over wickedness. Others who have not come to know God may not understand my love for God and his righteousness. They may interpret that love as condemnation of their lifestyle. I am no threat to anyone. I just love the way of life that Jesus Christ has shown us. I believe his way is the only hope for our future. Even if I do far short of those high standards I will keep on walking upon that path. I will not pressure others into believing the way that I do. They must make their own choice in how to live their lives.
     Jesus Christ is a perfect reflection of ourselves. Some people when looking into that perfect mirror may feel inferior or condemned. For me when I look at the perfect image of Christ I see what we could be and what I want to be. I cannot be perfect but I will not get angry over it. I will continue to follow Jesus Christ example.
     Some people just refused to face their own imperfections or they may find some pleasure in them. They will turn away from the perfect example of Christ so not to be reminded of their own imperfect condition. They may even lash out in anger at a Christian who holds on to Christian principles. I have found this to be true in my life. I have faced verbal attacks in opposition to my Christian beliefs. My very presence makes some people feel uncomfortable. I do not wish to make them uncomfortable but I will not compromise my beliefs for their comfort. I will hold tight to my faith in God.
     I am not any better than anyone else. For we were all once sinners in the eyes of God until we were redeem by Jesus Christ. Today some people may stand in opposition to me but it is entirely possible by the love of Christ that they will be my friends tomorrow.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Standing on Level Ground

     It is hard to push away all the illusions and falsehoods, so to be able to see our world with clear eyes and an open mind. Those who can have a great gift. As for me I am only able to partially see and to understand. I am working hard to make what I have in part to be full however it is yet to be.
     From the little bit of insight and truth that I found, I will say it is better to be standing upon level ground than to be elevated or to be in a low place. Level ground is common ground for everyone. When you are in a low place looking up at everyone. When you are elevated you are looking down at everyone. However when you are standing upon a level place you are joined with many and looking straight ahead.
     Looking straight ahead you can clearly see those in front of you. If you were looking down they will be beneath you or if you were looking up they will be above you. By looking straight ahead they will be on the same level as you. You will be able to see them as your equals.
     The circumstances of life are different for everyone. If we were someone else and live their life we might become just like them. By standing upon level ground you will be able to see yourself in them as they will be able to see themselves in you.
     I believe Jesus Christ understood this truth. What Jesus Christ was fortunate to have within his life he shared it with others. Jesus Christ was also merciful and forgiving. He kept his eyes straight ahead upon his path. He could have walked above us but he chose to walk with us. He did not place himself beneath us but lived with us as a loving brother. Even though he had high authority and kingship he still was a humble and approachable man. He could see deeply within our hearts and minds. Jesus Christ loved all of us as his own.
     Through Jesus Christ those who once stood in a low place stands much higher and those who stood in a high place became more humble. Together they now stand upon level ground treating one another as brothers and sisters. They now are more capable to understand and to love one another.
     Standing upon level ground you can approach one another without inferiority or superiority. You can clearly see the hardship and the struggle that others face. You can see them having the same problems that you are having. We are not so different from one another. Upon level ground the separation from each other disappears.
     In the beginning the human race was established upon level ground. Only by choice others migrated to the higher and lower places. Separation soon followed. No longer were they united but divide by the different levels. When Jesus Christ returns we will be united and standing upon level ground once again.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Within the Dome of Paradise ( only a heart felt wish )

     As I stand within the dome of paradise I can feel all the love around me. My heart is finally free and my mind is so clear.
     I am reborn and no longer dead inside. I can feel things that I could never feel before. The people around me have love and their lives are at peace. What a wonderful place this is. A place that I can lay down my head and rest.
     My soul is like a sponge soaking up everything in this realm of paradise. My spirit is being energized and renewed. The emptiness within me is being filled and my throat is no longer parched and thirsty. This is truly a part of heaven. A place that I will dwell and make my home.
     Within this dome of paradise I lay all my anxieties to rest. I am no longer afraid and feel weak inside. The pain within me is diminishing and my troubles are no more. This is the first time that I ever felt alive. This is the first time I ever been completely happy inside.
     I feel so bless to be within this dome of paradise. God has answered my prayers and shown me what life can be. He took mercy upon my soul and delivered from the grave. By his own hand he placed me in this land of healing. I feel no longer that I want to die but to live as much as I can. He turned me around and show me what life can be. I was standing on the edge of doom and now I am standing in a land of hope and happiness.
     To my surprise I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow. I am eagerly waiting to start a brand new day. I have been changed and I am no longer the man I use to be. God has bathed me with his spirit and cleansed my whole soul. He has given me another chance to live again. He has healed my heart so that I can feel love and be able to give it. I am truly a blessed man, blessed by the mercy of God.
     I will never ever leave this place where I am, for here is the answer to all of my prayers. All things are known and felt here. My spirit is raised beyond the earthly realm and now it touches heaven. I feel the entire universe around me and inside of me. I am connected to it and it is connected to me. Here is the place where my spirit reaches out and touches all.  

The Dome of Paradise ( an inner vision )

     There it is, I see it so clearly. It is there, right in front of me. I see people smiling and laughing. Children playing joyfully. I see people treating one another with respect and with love. All of them are close to one another like a family bound together by a spirit of love. There they stay and live on a world that is made perfect.
     My heart aches as I look upon the scene. Where are the entrances? Where is the door? What has separated me from them?
     I beg and plead within my soul to whatever power can let me in. There is a dome, a barrier like thick glass that I cannot transcend. Looking in and longing is all I can do. The answers to all of my questions lies within that dome of heaven, that dome of paradise.
     I cannot force my way in, nor can I break the glass. I would not want to anyway. I want acceptance and not forced approval. I want to belong and not to feel unwanted. I know there has got to be a way in but I just do not know how or where?
     Someone please give me a clue because I do not want to walk away. I do not want to go back from where I came. There is nothing there but here is everything. Please God let me find a way in. I beg you to let me live within that dome of love, that dome of happiness.
     Many have gone ahead of me and somehow I fell back. Somehow they found the keys and I found nothing at all. Why are they blessed more than me? What did they do that I did not? If only I knew I would have done it. Lord let not my ignorance keep me out. Please Lord have mercy upon my soul. Open my heart and my eyes so that I can see and know.
     I bang my hands upon the warm glass and try to push my body into the structure but all my efforts fail. I will not leave for it is better here than out there. It is better to live just outside of paradise than to live in the coldness of the world. It is better to have tasted a small piece of it than to have never tasted of it at all. I will not leave until a door opens to let me in.
     Lord here my words. I will not ever let that hope of paradise leave my heart. Lord let me in, Lord please let me in.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Beauty Within

     As the saying goes beauty is only skin deep. How many people are fooled into believing that the beauty of the flesh is the beauty of the spirit. The truth is the beauty of the spirit is where the heart is. It is where the the love is within the soul. One can pursue the flesh and have a lifetime of heartaches. If one could close his or her eyes and look not at the flesh, they would have a greater chance of finding true love. The flesh can be a deception but the spirit is always true. By looking at the spirit rather than the flesh, one will find their way.
     One can be surrounded by the beauty of the flesh and still be chilled to the bone. In the heart is where the love is and there is where you will find the warmth. Even if the body is beautiful but the heart is cold, your happiness will not be there. Examine the spirit before you look at the flesh so you will know what is true.
     In my opinion love is beautiful no matter what vessel it comes in. Love beautifies the soul. A person who shines forth their spirit illuminates their beauty within. Being around those who can love is better than being around those who just know how to show off their flesh. Those of the flesh have little to give but those of the spirit have much to give. The flesh mostly takes but the spirit mostly gives.
     Physical beauty maybe pleasing to the eyes but inner beauty is pleasing to the hearts of everyone. God loves the loving soul and so do most people. Physical beauty will lose out to age but inner beauty will only get better with age. The spirit will go on forever but the body will last only for a short time.
     Not all that is beautiful is beautiful. Satan was a most beautiful angel in heaven however he fell out of God's grace. You can spend a lot of money to make you look good but true beauty lies within. The improvement of the inner spirit will prove more valuable to one generation and the next than the improvement of the outer soul. Be clean and presentable yes but do not be trying to impress others by your body alone, your spirit must be clean and presentable as well.
     I believe that Jesus Christ was and is the greatest example of what beauty should be. His beauty from within shined brightly for all the world to see. His spirit was so beautiful. His love for God made him beautiful. He was and still is the perfect example of what we all could be. He is the beauty of God and the beauty that lies within ourselves.
     The beauty of the flesh is only skin deep but the beauty of the spirit goes much deeper. If our heart condition is right our beauty within can enrich the lives around us. It is nice to have the beauty of the flesh but it is even nicer to have the beauty of the spirit. It would be good to be remembered as a reflection of Christ rather than just another reflection of the flesh.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Jewel of God

     In the beginning God made man and woman. He fashioned all of his creations with purity and love. Just as a skill sculptor, he chip away all the undesirable traits. What was left was a beautiful jewel whose facets reflected every aspect of God's spirit. It was perfect in every way. The first man and woman was apart of this great and beautiful jewel of God.
     God wanted all of his creations to honor his design. He did not want them to separate or defile it in any way. A great star they were pulsating with the light of God's holy spirit. They were united as one family in heaven and upon the Earth. However, the first man and woman took for granted all that they had. They had everything. They had no wants. Everything was provided by God's own hand. He loved all of his creations so very much. God wanted them to continue to be a family forever.
     Man and woman were soon to separate from their God given paradise. Man and woman became curious of the pieces of the jewel God had discarded. God warned them to let them be. Man and woman disobey their Father and proceeded to do what they wanted to do. They pick up those pieces. Their focus no longer upon the whole but upon the separate discarded pieces of God's creation. Those pieces once touched by man and woman brought in division and imperfection to their spirit. They became like those God discarded pieces. No longer were they whole and complete in spirit but now had a division within their souls. No longer were they a family in harmony. They were now a divided family with their own wants and desires. They were separate from their Father, their life source of happiness and contentment.
     The first man and woman of God felt their sin. They knew what wrong that they had done. Paradise, peace and harmony was lost to them and now a reunification had begun. These beings were like those discarded pieces on the sculptor's floor. They needed and wanted their place back in paradise.
     This now tainted creatures of God could not be restored to the perfect jewel. They had to be redeem and made pure again. There had to be no imperfection found in them. God could not let them to return to their upper position with sin remaining upon them. They would have affected the entire heavens if allowed to remain. His brightly lit jewel would lack luster and sparkle. No longer would it be a guiding light but a light without shine, all would be lost to him. His creation was not to be lost. What God had created would remain forever, pure and without sin. His love for his other loyal ones could not be compromised. These separate beings needed to be purified and washed of all sin.
     God still had love for them and he brought his son into the world so to lead them home. Jesus Christ took the right hand position in the heavens. He did not touch what God deem unholy. Jesus Christ obeyed his Father and in his obedience he became the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings for now and throughout eternity. He never separated himself from God's precious jewel.
     The House of God is a clean house, no one can enter unless wash by the blood of the lamb. Those entering must be pure in his sight and loyal to his ways. They are the ones living their lives in harmony with God's Holy Spirit. Only then they will be brought back into his keeping.
     The men and women of God will some day return to paradise. God has provided a way it is up to them to take. The more Christlike they become the more complete and whole in spirit they will be. By doing this, our Lord will welcome them back into his kingdom. The holy Jewel of God's creation will shine brighter when they become apart of it once again. Becoming one family under one God, one spirit and one saviour. They can then truly dwell in the house of our Lord forever.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

They Will Not Come Lord (a vision of insight)

     I said to him,"What a beautiful banquet that you have prepared. There are fruits and berries of every kind. There is bread to eat and wine to drink. Upon a table in a field you have place it."
     "They will not come Lord." I said to him. "They will not come to this place to eat and to drink. Please, Lord I wish not to see you hurt or disappointed if no one comes to eat. I am here with you Lord as I will always be, now and throughout eternity. I have concern for you as you are my friend. I wish that your heart will not be hurt if they turn away."
     He said to me. "Just give them more time to come." He was telling me not to quickly to judge others. He wanted me not to cast my doubts upon them but to be patient and to wait and see what happens. Just because my eyes were short sighted did not mean that all was lost. Unlike me he has no doubts at all. He has much confidence in that his lost sheep will come home.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Words about God

     The rules of government may change like the many directions of the wind but the breath of God steers a steady course across our land. It is unchangeable and unyielding to any forces upon our Earth. Even by the defiance of the nations, armies, man, beast and devil the spirit of God cannot be stop or even diverted in anyway. Even if the majority of the people stood up and demanded this or that it would not matter, God is still the ruler over us.
     The winds blow and the Earth shakes and the waves of the sea dashes against the shore. Men and women are thrown about as those forces move against them. What rocket will they shoot or bomb will they explode against the Earth and the sea? I laugh at the arrogance of men. "I am more powerful than God", they may say until the Earth covers them or the sea drowns them or the wind blows them away. Oh what small creatures we are to God as we spread our tail feathers for all to see.
     What dreams our we dreaming and hopes that we are hoping for that is taking us away from God? What is it that we are desperately wanting that God cannot be apart of? Can you live so independently from your maker? The air we breath, the food we eat and the earth we stand on is given to us by our God. I do not know how we can live without him? We are infants who can barely walk do we think we are now able to run? Look at the truth and turn away from the lie and see exactly who we are.
     Truth is God's word. The truth is an unbreakable sword that cannot be broken. Many men have tried and broken themselves upon it. God and his word is forever and no one is able to change that. It word be foolish to try. We came into existence through his word. Take away his word and we are no more. The truth is we are bound to God and his word forever.
     Love who can live without and why even try. God is love and the two are inseparable. We need love and we need our God. We cannot have one without the other. To push God away is to push love away. God and love are always together and never are they apart. Why does our world talk so much about love and not about God, the originator of love? It is another lesson not learned and on our hands and knees we continue to crawl. Will we ever gain our maturity? Upon our world many lessons are taught but few are learned. In heaven angels sing praises to God and give thanks to for his love.
     The time of God is drawing near and his son will be returning soon. Glory be to God and glory be for all those upon the Earth for our King is on his way. Will we be ready to meet him or will we be walking around lost? He has made a way for us and all we have to do is walk along his path. Will our world embrace him or will it still reject him? Oh! men and women awake for soon the day of our Lord will be upon you.  

Friday, February 4, 2011

I Have a Crush

     I have a crush on the world. The world to me is like a seductress who is always looking for a good time. She enjoys many pleasures and is very pleasing to the eyes. Like a school boy I look upon her with want. She teases me and plays her games. She gets so close and then she pulls away so to entice me into her arms. Her lovers are many and she always wants more. She is without prejudice and she invites everyone to come to her. She has a beauty and a personality that pulls many blindly to her. Yes, I have been very tempted to go to her as well.
     I do not know why I am so fascinated by her. I think it is my flesh that is so enticed by her. I have an internal battle going on within me. My flesh seems to love her and my spirit is repulsed by her. She is around me everyday beckoning me to join her but at what cost my soul and my spirit.
     I cannot go to her(our world)for she is like a two sided coin one side pleasure and the other side pain. She devours her lovers one by one and then she spits them out. She wants to have everyone to love her but she has little love for anyone. The old, the poor in health and the destitute she has little time for. Her time is mostly spent on the young, the healthy and the rich. Those who beg for attention usually goes away wanting. She promises so much but she delivers so little. She is so charming but her heart is so cold. The people that are hurting and are dying she does not even care for.
     Our world loves only one and his name is Satan. She prostitutes herself before him. He is her lover and she is to him. She dances before him and sing her songs of love. She delivers all that she has to him. All her lovers are delivered into his hands. The devil takes and demands more and the more she has, the more she gives right into the devil's traps and snares.
     Even after knowing all of this, there is still something inside of me that still looks upon her with desire. I believe it is the desire to belong and to be wanted by a world in which I was born. I have no desire to be her lover. I would like to have her respect but she does not respect those who see does not know and she does not know me. I am a stranger to her. I stand away from her instead of standing next to her and she resents me for doing so. Her beauty attracts me but her inner soul repels me.
     She is not loyal to anyone. Those who have committed themselves to her are often hurt. She only stands by them who benefits her whether or not they are right or wrong. Like a wave in the ocean she moves to and tho going to one person and then to the next. Those who love her endures much heartache.
     I cannot love a world in such a state as it is in and be happy. I am a moral person and a Christian. I cannot love such an unfaithful woman. I must be true to my God. I must be able to believe in and trust in someone and God is that someone. The world is chaos and God is order and I choose order over chaos. I stand with God rather than the world. Our world has caused much pain and sorrow and only our God can make it stop. Even though I have a crush, I will still choose God over the world.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Forgive You

     To relieve myself of my mental anguish and pain, I forgive you. I forgive you of your trespasses against me and the hardships that you place upon me. I forgive you of the pain and suffering that you have caused. Like a dumb beast you have walk through life not knowing the damages that you have done.
     The wind blows so hard against us and the sun burns so hot. The waves of the ocean breaks so hard against our shores and the rain from the clouds floods over our lands. But I will say to the sky I forgive you and to the land beneath my feet, I forgive you and to all the waters upon the Earth, I forgive you of the damages that you have done. For out of innocence the wind blows, the water moves and the ground shakes. Who is to blame? No one at all.
     The world may think what I have to say is only trivial but a temple that is swept clean is a mighty fortress against evil and a lighthouse against the darkness. When the heart of an individual is made pure his witness will be powerful and strong. His words will reflect the truth of our Lord and his spirit will shine forth righteousness. The heart that is free of hate will have room for God's love.
     In forgiving I am taking hold on freedom. Freedom from the steel bands placed around my heart by my hate. It is freedom to love once again and to be happy. In forgiving I am taking out the garbage and cleaning out my soul. I am raising my hands up towards the light and embracing the love of heaven. In forgiving I become like a light from heaven and a practicer of Jesus Christ's love.
     Forgiveness is a wonderful thing without it hate becomes trap inside. Hate creates a pressure from within and forgiveness will release it. Forgiveness is a starting point to healing and an opening point for love. Once our heart is free, love can take hold and heal it. So I will continue to forgive so I can continue to show love.