Friday, October 29, 2010

More than Words

     With words we speak of great things. We tell others how life should be. Oh how we cheer and how good we feel when we hear a great speech. Afterwards when the cheers and the good feelings diminish, life continues on as it did before. How disappointing it is when we hear how life could be but it is not. Words alone are not enough in making a difference in our lives more than words are necessary.
     Trust is more than words. One needs to know that he has loyal friends. Those who he can depend and rely on. We need people that we can confide in. Those who will not turn against us when our backs are turn. Trust is not given by our words but is proven by our actions. We need to feel secure around the people that we are with.
     Belonging and being accepted is more than words. It is being approved of and being comfortable with the people that you are around. It is being treated with respect and with dignity within that group. It is about being apart of a group that will accept you as you are. We need to have acceptance in order to feel that we do belong. We need the comfort that it brings to our lives.
     Love is more than words. Love is important if not the most important thing that we need in our lives. Love can be talked about with words but it is mostly demonstrated by our actions  Without love we are empty, with love we are full. Love is the force that brings us closer to another. With love we are made to feel accepted and even cherished. If we found love we have found our happiness and our well being. If we have love we are truly bless.
     Being understood is connecting with others and it is more than words. Being understood is finding those people who really care about you and about what you have to say. It is a two way street they know you and you know them. It is communicating clearly to each other. Being understood is finding people who really understands. It is coming to know each others hearts. It is finding people who really care about knowing who you are. By being understood others can sense how you are feeling without you saying a word. Being truly understood goes beyond our words and in to the spiritual.
     Purpose is more than words. It is knowing that we are doing something meaningful, something that we were meant to do. We need to have purpose so that everyday can be special. Purpose can give us a reason to get out of bed each morning. It gives us a reason to keep on living. It gives meaning to our existence. It goes beyond words and fulfills our soul. Purpose gives us a direction to go in, a direction that we are sure of.
Purpose makes us feel that we are needed within our world.
     Friends are more than words. Friends are your support. They are people who you can trust. They are the ones who you can open up your heart to. They are the ones who you can love. Friends are a group to whom you can connect and be free. With true friends you can let down your guard and trust them completely. I have to admit we need each other and we do need to have friends. We need someone to talk to, someone to be with, someone who understands, someone who can help and someone who cares and someone to be close to and that someone is our friends.
     We need something beyond us, something that is greater than us. It is something more than are words can describe. I need to believe in something more than myself. I refuse to believe we are just ants on an anthill, just another species of animal upon our Earth. I must believe that God has bless us, making us much more than animals upon our Earth. If I were to believe that man's intelligence was the highest of all. I would say that we are all doomed. I look at our Earth and I look at universe and I know there is a greater intelligence at work. Man is intelligent but there is another force, another intelligence at work that dwarfs the intelligence of man. I believe in God and many of you believe in him as well, something within us needs him and that something tells us that he exist. We need our God within our lives. We cannot completely describe it. It goes beyond our words and we feel it within our hearts. I feel strongly that God is essential to my existence.
     We need words to communicate with, to express our feelings and our emotions but there are things that we need that is beyond our words. It is trust, belonging and acceptance, purpose, love and being understood. It is having friends and believing in God. We need action as well as words. Action that are accord to our well being. We need not people telling us how the world should be but people doing something about it. People whose hearts are sincere and devoted to God. People who are doing more than telling us about the Bible but showing us how it works.
    The spirit of God moves across our planet and works without saying a word. God's love touches our hearts. His spirit performs miracles. The ministry of Jesus Christ is spoken with words but everyone knows there is more to it than just words. There is love, faith, trust and devotion. All of these goes beyond our words. We need our words but more than words are necessary in living or lives upon this world.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upon the Mountain

     When does a man really die? When his hopes and dreams die. When he comes to a conclusion that no matter what he does and how hard he tries his life will not get any better. Upon a mountain is where he lives, a mountain created by the past.
    Generations of people have come and gone and each of them has left their mark upon our world. We must live with the actions of those who have came before us. Right or wrong we inherit what others have done. On a crumbly rock filled road we travel slipping and falling along the way. Upon the mountain we fall and we are hurt.
     Placed before us upon the mountain are jagged rocks of fear and violence that cuts into our soul. Large boulders of various problems roll down upon us. Loose rocks of doubts weakens our resolve and keeps us from moving forward. Upon an injurious path we walk upon the mountain.
     What hope do we have when people stack the world against us. Like lambs to the slaughter we are born into the world with wolfs waiting outside our door. The mountain causes our world to shake and tremble and all who live upon it to fall. Upon jagged rocks we are cut and beneath boulders we are crushed. Where can we run and where can we go to be safe upon the mountain?
     Building our world is hard indeed because of the great task of fixing. Smoothing down the rocks of the past and breaking down the boulders is itself a lifetime of work. Cautiously we must build the mountain so that the next generation is spared. Pain and suffering we have to much of let there be happiness tomorrow. Work and more work we will have to do so to build us a livable place upon the mountain.
     With worn out bodies and worn out souls we all eventually become part of the mountain. It is up to us whether or not we leave behind a jagged rock of violence or a none injurious stone. Choices that are made well, will make the future stable and secure. If we build the mountain right, tomorrow will not have to be feared.
     Our hopes and dreams can be realize if we can move the boulders of our problems and shovel the rocks of doubts out of our way. The mountain of our past can be changed by the surface of the present. By our hands and by the spirit of our Lord we can do the necessary work. The mountain can be changed into a livable and hospitable environment. No more falling down being injured or cut. The mountain can be made to be better.
     There is so much work to be done and so little time to do it. Like ticking clocks we are winding down our bodies are slowly dying but there is no other way or no other place to travel. We are all here living upon the mountain of the past. Whatever road we chose to take it still lies upon the mountain. It is up to us whether or not we sweep away the slippery stones of doubts beneath our feet, smooth down the jagged rocks of violence and fear and break down the boulders of our problems. Whatever we will leave behind, others will have to travel upon. If today we decide to sleep what will the mountain look like tomorrow?

Beautiful Child, Believe

     I want the sweet taste of a new beginning, of a different life in a different world. I want to live my life the way it should be. I want to find a way to my happiness. Darkness, be no more.
     What is the price I am willing to pay in order to have my happiness? If my happiness comes with a price then I have not found my happiness at all. I believe that true happiness is a free gift from the spirit with no price tag upon it.
     What is deeply within my heart is where my happiness is. It lies in the innocent of a child that I once was. A time when all things were possible. A time where I carried much hope inside.
     What has taken away my happiness? What has rob me of my smile? It was when the child within became beaten up by the world. Hope and innocent became lost and many tears followed.
     In my silence my spirit spoke to me. It said, "Abused child weep no more. Abused child lay down your head and rest. Happiness has not abandoned you. Happiness has not left you. It is still there within your heart. Let down that guard, you put around your heart and begin to believe again.
     Beautiful child do not be listening to what the world is telling you. Do not be believing their words which brings you down. You are beautiful and you do count. Let no one tell you different. A star in heaven you started out to be and a star you now are. Bring forth that light within and let all the world to see it."

No Choice to the Way I was Born

Could I been a dog, could I been a cat,
could I been an elephant or could I been

At birth I had no choice to be no other
but me. White or black, rich or poor,
beautiful or not is what I got. I had
no choice to the way I was born.

With arms or no arms, with legs or no
legs, a mind of a genius or a mind of
a child the dice rolls and I have to
accept it.

No choice, No choice to where and how
I begun. Bless or cursed I had no choice
at all. Hate me not for being my mother's
and father's child. Innocent I came into
this world.

Monday, October 25, 2010


     What is this emptiness,this void within? It is like a dark hole within the soul. You can never quite fill it or satisfy it. It is connected to nothing but the darkness. The emptiness is numbing to the soul and to the spirit.
     The emptiness within causes you to reach out and try to fill it up. What you seem to find is always less and never more. The emptiness fails to connect to anything. Failure after failure the numbness increases and the darkness grows.
     The emptiness drains the body of its energy and strength. A feeling of hopelessness is felt. The strong presence of sadness overshadows the joy of life. Happiness cannot be felt because it cannot be found.The emptiness turns inward and blinds our eyes to any hope.
     When you are empty inside you desperately reach out to anyone who might understand but you rarely find anyone who does. Confused and lonely you walk around in life looking for answers.
     The emptiness feels like the coldness of the grave making you feel half dead and half alive. The dead part wishing for a speedy end and the alive part praying for a happy life.
     You pull away from reality and try to hide from it. You no longer want to fail again. No longer do you want to reach out and find nothing there. Your body has grown tired and weak from the struggle of hanging on to only thin threads of hope. Everyday your soul slips further down into the black depths of this emptiness.
     If you cannot find a solution to your emptiness then you will become it's victim. The dark void will pull you down to the bottom. At the bottom the emptiness becomes unbearable. It is a bottom that could lead you to insanity, despair, poverty, violence, self-destruction and even to suicide and the grave.     In this emptiness you feel like the ground opened up and swallowed you. You feel like the light inside you was switched off somehow. You believe you are not a person who was born to a life but to suffering and to death. Everyday is another day you have to fight to stay alive.
     Because of the emptiness you might have become an outcast, someone who is discarded and ignored. You may have become angry and now you are taking it out on others. You may have choose to hide your sadness with a false smile. You might even have chosen to stay away from everyone. Your emptiness has effected you in so many ways.
     The ones who know about the emptiness of the soul, know that they are in trouble and are sinking fast. Unfortunately we do not know what to do. Without the light of hope we cannot find our way out. Without outside help we have little chance of getting out of the dark void. The greatest trouble we are having is finding enough strength within to hold on until we can find or receive the help that we need.
     Time has become our enemy if we are still carrying the emptiness inside. Everyday brings internal anguish and pain. The pain of just being alive. We know deep down within our heart that it does not have to be this way. We could live happily and cherish life if only our emptiness were healed and gone away.